Frontlines Missions and Ministries

Going Where Few Go To Teach, Build, and Restore.

Frontlines Missions and Ministries is a Christian missions organization that serves Guatemala.

What is Frontlines' Mission?

Our mission is to teach, build, and restore, guided by the principal that we shall always labor with, for, and through local ministries, through which God works daily in their local community.

What are our methods and programs?

We endeavor to accomplish our mission through the following five programs:

  • Supporting our permanent mission, Casa Heidi Compassion Center, and our resident missionaries, Rev. Raul and Dr. Sarita Herrera, including:
    • Pastoral Training
    • Medical and Dental Clinics, On-Site and On-Location
    • A Malnutrition Intervention Program for Children
    • Partnership and Participation with the Red Cross in Campur
  • Sowing into Campur and the surrounding area through our lasting relationship with Vida Abundante, the Assemblies of God church that is literally across the street from Casa Heidi, and Pastora Isabela Cahuec de Valle, the senior pastor and missionary-in-residence of Vida Abundante, including:
    • Special Prayer, Small Group and Worship Services
    • Children's Ministries
    • Evangelistic Missions to Remote Villages
  • Partnering with and supporting like-minded organizations serving Guatemala's youth in other geographies, with the intent of raising up future Godly leaders from today's children and youth, through their development as Christ-centered Guatemalans, their education as powerful ministers in His church, and with them as they pursue the mission to which God calls them.
  • Providing direct support and assistance to those three programs by taking to the mission field ourselves in teams of talented, passionate, missional Christians on short-term missions trips.
  • Working through the Holy Spirit to knit these efforts together to create thriving, self-sustaining communities that are alive in Him.

Casa Heidi Compassion Center

Casa Heidi Compassion Center serves the needs of the community of Campur. Casa Heidi functions as a medical & dental clinic, nutritional and teaching resource as well as an educational facility for pre-natal patients. The resident missionaries are Raul and Dr. Sarita Herrera.

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Evangelistic Team

The Evangelistic Teams go into remote mountain elementary schools (upon the request of the local leadership) to teach Bible stories to the school children utilizing skits, Bible stories, and handcraft. Every year, when Frontlines Short-Term Missions Teams arrive in Campur, one of the ongoing goals is evangelism in the mountain village schools.

We are heartily received by the local leadership who desire us to teach Bible stories through pantomime, acting skits, and handwork. During four days of ministry, as many as 500 to 1000 elementary school children will be exposed to the Gospel.

After the skits and songs are done, team members enjoy playing with the children and teaching them different American activities. It is a joy and pleasure to see their smiling faces as they learn how to jump rope, all the while falling down only to get up and try again, laughing and screaming the whole time.

Interior Team

The Interior Teams go further into the mountains surrounding Campur to show the “JESUS” film in Kekchi, the local language. Such a trip can mean hiking for several hours over the mountains on barely visible trails and at an altitude that can make physical exertion much more difficult and tiring.

We first sent a team into these remote communities in 2008, and continued to do so for each subsequent year. These initial trips have met with success but it is expected that the harvest will be even greater in the future.

Most of these village people have never seen a television or heard a radio so you can imagine the expressions on their faces when they see a movie depicting the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Construction Team

The Construction Teams build small churches in mountain villages, pastors homes where needed, and sometimes small schoolrooms.

Since 1994 Frontlines Missions has worked alongside members of remote communities to assist them in building the much needed structures. This has included over eight churches, two pastor’s homes, and two elementary schools. Frontlines has been based in the mountain villiage of Campur for the past eleven years. Five of the eight churches we have helped build have been in communities local to Campur.

We have also built two dormitories and a dining pavilion for use by our teams as well as other missions teams traveling through the area. Our largest project to date has been the construction of Casa Heidi Compassion Center, a medical clinic.

Medical & Dental Team

A Medical and Dental Teams comprised of doctors, nurses, and auxiliary help performs various minor surgeries, prescribing pharmaceuticals, and treating skin diseases, parasites, asthma, etc., and provides vitamins to children and pregnant women. The Medical Team often treats over 500 people for a variety of conditions such as scabies, stomach ailments, parasites, arthritis and asthma. Surgeons have repaired numerous cleft lips and removed various body tumors. The dental clinic serves the serious dental needs of the community. Treatments include tooth extraction, cleaning, fluoride treatments, fillings. The dental team also focuses on teaching and preventative methods.

In March, 2015, two dentists and a hygienist officially opened the Dental Clinic of Casa Heidi Compassion Center. We want to thank those who gave towards the purchase of the dental chair; you made this a reality. Our biggest challenge was electricity. We are currently working on the purchase of a transformer and a generator for Casa Heidi. This will keep the ministry and the operations of the medical/dental clinic functional.